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About Us


Orchard Security Services Limited is a trusted Security Company that takes the lead in securing lives and properties. A Company owned by HRM OBA DR. AMB. JOSHUA OLAWALE AMINU, OLU OF IDANYI, ADEORI OKIN 1 OF IDANYI KINGDOM  in Ado- Odo / Ota Local Government Area, Ogun State. HRM OBA DR. AMB. JOSHUA OLAWALE AMINU is the Commandant General Of ORCHARD SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED. A man who has been known to be a sole pivotal of the infrastructural development of IDANYI, consisting of about eight(8) communities in Ado- Odo / Ota LGA in Ogun State. A top Security expert who has for years been entrusted with the security of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Right Of way pipelines in western Nigeria, responsible for the security of the two major pipelines Traversing Lagos - Ibadan and the Ilorin pipeline, secured this contract in 2015. Orchard Security was incorporated in 2019 with RC number: 1164889


Orchard Security Services Limited whose mission statement is providing intelligent , professional and trusted security . As a private security outfit resiliently tackling the security challenge in the oil sector which is the nation’s jungular, that had always been able to meet up to the challenge . It is a vowed mission to ensure peace of mind to our clients by providing the highest level of protection for their enterprise, their assets and the safety of their personnel. As a security company that takes the lead in securing lives and properties , we strive to enhance the well- being of the clients, business interests by maintaining a safe and secure environment in which to operate.


Orchard Security Services Limited is a dynamic and organized registered security cooperate entity of unique, we value above all else honesty , unselfishness , professionalism and mutual respect, integrity , humility , hard-work, discipline , diligence, consistency of character and selfless service 

We are staffed with professionals with unblemished track records . Securing lives and properties , it’s a task we promise not to compromise. Integrity is our watchword.

Leadership is a weapon of influence involving mentoring , moulding and modeling , as such everyone in leadership position must have and maintain the highest standard of character, patriotism and humanitarian inclination which in turn breeds the values of allegiance and subordination. We are dedicated conducting business in an honest and ethical manner.

Transparency and accountability are inherent in Orchard Security Services Limited .Transparency as openness , Communication often used synonymously as accountability . We operate in such a manner that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed .We embrace answerability and blameworthiness